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Patch Management

Managing and monitoring Windows Updates is time-consuming and laborious.

Patch management solutions from Qubic save you time and money by taking care of the entire process for you. Patch management solutions are not just about installing updates; they’re about clearly understanding the deployment process and tailoring them to your unique needs.

You’ll receive a monthly report on any missing updates so you can plan for and request patches and updates when you need them; we’ll let you know when they’re successfully installed.

  • In-Depth Reporting and Monitoring

    Maintain a clear picture of your update status. 

    Qubic patch management services streamline your patch and update workload by providing you with a monthly report that details your server estate and highlights which critical updates you may need; so you always know where you stand.

  • Windows and Linux Supported

    Many hosted platforms consist of a mixture of Windows and Linux servers, often connected on the same isolated network. 

    Our patch and update management services support Windows and various Linux platforms within your hosted environment. Qubic deploys all required updates if you’re running both services within your environment.

  • Protect Against Threats

    You can have total confidence in our update management services; with Qubic you’ll benefit from a robust and organised management schedule to prevent security vulnerabilities in your environment.

  • Zero-Touch Process

    No more manual server log-on for installing updates. Our convenient “Zero-Touch” process means just that. Simply approve the deployment of a particular update and let Qubic carry out the whole process.

  • Always Maintain Compliance

    If your business is subject to data compliance, it’s mandatory that you fully maintain an efficient patching process; let Qubic manage the entire process for you and make you 100% certain of a compliant server infrastructure.

  • Always Keep Your Systems Consistent

    Maintaining a consistent update status across your Windows and Linux infrastructure can be a real overhead for System Administrators. Qubic can relieve your IT department; our team of qualified and professional engineers monitor all your systems, making sure your servers are in-line with each other.

  • Physical and Virtual Server Compatibility

    Qubic has an internal patch management platform that manages the deployment of patches and updates for both physical and virtual servers from a single platform console. 

    This ensures that all your systems are aligned to a single patch management process, whichever server technology you’re using.

  • Update Communication

    When you let Qubic manage your update deployment processes we’ll produce a complete and fully transparent report for you on any changes and updates we’ve made.

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